McCauley for Mayor
The People vs. The Machine

On November 8, 2011 The People Took On The Machine! 641 Courageous People Dared To Make A Difference!

Thanks for your vote it was not in vain!


Because we received 10% of the votes cast for Mayor we have demonstrated that we have a sizable voting block!

That's 641 Activist voters that know the power of their VOTE!

We now have the power to determine an election outcome in the city of Hartford!

Our next step is to hold our elected officials accountable to do their job!

I will continue to inform and educate you the voters. I will be a watchdog bringing you News Reports on my television network

We must keep score and weigh in on every election! I will endorse and campaign for officials that do their jobs and find suitable replacement candidates for those that don't!

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