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The People said The Real Election Is November 8 Home
Dan Lovallo Interviews - J. Stan McCauley  Dan Lovallo, host of WDRC's Dan Lovallo Show talks with J. Stan McCauley about the 2011 Hartford Mayoral race. (March 3, 2011)
The Henry Brown Radio Talk Show on WRTC 89.3 fm. J. Stan McCauley is the special guest for the full hour - December 25, 2010
Part 1 is on the Subject of Crime the Police and Public Safety. Listen 11 mins.
Part 2 is on the subject of Religion, Politics, and the Separation of Church and State. Listen  27 mins.
Part 3 is on the subject of Jobs and Economic Development. Listen  12 mins.
Dan Lovallo Interviews - J. Stan McCauley  Dan Lovallo, host of WDRC's Dan Lovallo Show talks with J. Stan McCauley about the eight year sentence handed down to disgraced Ex-Mayor Eddie A. Perez.
Dionne Adessa Interviews Hartford's next Mayor. Dionne asks J. Stan McCauley to talk about the great changes he wants to see in Hartford on Energy Radio 101.5 FM.
WDRC Radio Interview   -  J. Stan McCauley Former 2007 Republican Mayoral Candidate Switches Parties.
WDRC Radio Interview - Dan Lovallo interviews J. Stan McCauley about his decision to run for Mayor two years before the election.
WDRC Radio Interview  - J. Stan McCauley calls for Eddie A. Perez to step down September 3, 2009. Home


3 Game Changing Interviews

"Capitol City View with Sean Arena" - July 10, 2011
"Face the State" - May 15, 2011

Talk of the Town hosted by Michelle Brown - Tough questions for J. Stan during a winter walk down Franklin Avenue - March, 2007

Part 1 - Michelle asks Stan about bringing new business to Hartford. Watch 3 mins
Part 2 - Michelle asks Stan about crime in the Capital city. Watch  9 mins.
Part 3 - Michelle asks Stan to talk about programs for Hartford youth. Watch  8 mins.
Part 4 - Michelle asks Stan if he plans to run every department and city agency himself. Watch  3 mins.
Part 5 - Michelle asks Stan about his views on the strong mayor form of government. Watch  3 mins.
Part 6 - Michelle asks Stan if he plans to seek the "Gay Vote". Watch  3 mins. Read Cover Story from Hartford Metroline Newspaper pdf
Part 7 - Michelle asks Stan what it is that makes him a conservative. Watch  2 mins.
Part 8 - Stan talks about the hope and inspiration Hartford needs to move forward. Watch  3 mins.

News Speak hosted by Ken Krayeske  -  J. Stan McCauley is the Special Guest for the Full Hour - April, 2007

Part 1 - Ken asks Stan why he's running for Mayor. Watch 8 mins
Part 2 - Ken asks Stan to tell the voters a little about himself. Watch  10 mins.
Part 3 - Ken asks Stan what changes he will make as Mayor and explores Stan's views on policing. Watch  15 mins.
Part 4 - Ken asks Stan what he believes the characteristics of a good Leader are and explores free speech. Ken also asks Stan to talk about a management
            mistake that he has made if any. Watch  17 mins.
Part 5 - Ken asks Stan what he would do with WQTQ radio up at Weaver High School and explores the subject of school site selection. Watch  6 mins. Home



The Hartford Guardian - Dr. Ann-Marie Adams writes: Mayoral Candidate Claims ‘The Face and Voice’ Hartford Can Trust  August 14, 2011
The Hartford News - Andy Hart writes: Economic Development is key Says McCauley - Jan 06, 2011 PDF
La Voz Hispana - J. Stan McCauley anunciará candidatura para alcalde de Hartford y exige la renuncia de Pérez Friday, 02 October 2009 Redacción de La Voz Hispana Hispana.
The Hartford Courant - Helen Ubiñas writes: J. Stan McCauley drops a refreshing moment of honesty at peace rally.
Metroline - Cover Story by Lauren Incognito - The Fate of a Struggling City - Could J. Stan McCauley be the man to finally rescue Hartford from sinking waters? - October 2007 PDF Home


October 5, 2009 Official Announcement
Who's Gonna Run This Town?
The Power of Love  - J. Stan McCauley gives a thought provoking speech on "The Power of Love" in fighting against senseless killings due to gun violence.
Hartford 2000 - Interviews J. Stan McCauley about his run for Mayor.

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