"I believe we need leadership to take action and establish a thriving Hartford for everyone.  I know that Hartford is stronger when we don’t abandon anyone and we have the commitment to making the city of Hartford’s government work for the residents."

J. Stan McCauley moved to Hartford in the 1970’s and began his career as a Pratt & Whitney jet engine mechanic and from there answered the call to full-time ministry in Hartford where he experienced firsthand how poverty, school closures, unemployment and gun violence impacted Hartford residents and their communities. 

Stan McCauley is a seasoned videographer and producer with over 20 years in media and communications. He served as executive director of Hartford Public Access Television, a nonprofit media center providing public access television for the City of Hartford. During his tenure, he led the organization through its most comprehensive and ambitious strategic planning process and technology transformation that set the stage for greater, more measurable impact.



He founded Light Source Productions to help visionary leaders and organizations access video and media to achieve ambitious goals. A serial entrepreneur, he also founded the social media television network, that serves as a platform to champion the diverse and underrepresented voices of urban communities in Connecticut.

He currently serves as the president of the Greater Hartford African American Alliance, a nonpartisan affiliation of individuals and organizations who share information, design strategies, and advocate for actions that benefit the African American communities within the Greater Hartford area. 

Stan and his wife Nyesha live in the south downtown Hartford neighborhood, where they are raising their children Seven and Nia and separately have proudly raised Brendan, Jessica, Jolan, Shamel and Gavin. 


Consider Stan’s:

Hartford Vision, which is based on rigorous budget planning, robust economic development, and candid, interactive communications to change defeatist culture by improving schools, enhancing public safety, and securing quality of life services.

Belief that the mayor’s role should be as a fair referee, whose leadership should refuse the normalization of dysfunction and renew departmental accountability for delivering necessary public services.

Longtime and firsthand exposure to Hartford’s strategies for public safety, quality of life, education, and financial planning, including trends and both high and low points.

Relationships with neighborhood residents as well as governors, legislators, and City, school board, and community leaders.



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