PRIORITY# 2 – Communications


Effective communication is key to driving change and progress in our communities. I see communication as a critical factor in building trust with the community and bringing everyone along in our efforts for growth. With so much information bombarding us in this digital age, the city of Hartford needs to be committed to being a reliable source of information for their constituents. My goal is to make city news and updates easily understandable and openly accessible to all, so that everyone can be a partner in the work together. 



As Mayor, I will address and do the following:


Establish Systems that Support Open and Consistent Communications – Institute stronger systems that raise the level of importance for communications between all city departments, making way for more coordination and consistency of services. Connecting with neighboring municipalities, as well as with state and federal government entities will be prioritized.

Advance a Culture of Open and Honest Communications – weekly Live broadcast – Open Forum Q&A with the Mayor.

Utilize Deeper Community Pathways and Partners – To inform the community of key initiatives and issues, utilize various methods for disseminating information using neighborhood newspapers, public access TV (channel 95 & 96), radio (WQTQ), YouTube, social media, text messaging, and emails.

Strong Focus on Public Relations and Marketing – Lack of community engagement and awareness causes resources and assets to go unutilized or underutilized.  The city website will be well designed with to the minute updates on city proceedings, community events, resources and timely information residents need such as parking bans, road closures etc.

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