PRIORITY# 5 – Economic and Community Development


In today’s ever-changing global economy, it’s essential that local economies adapt and grow to remain competitive. Residents, policy makers, and business owners in our community all have a role to play in driving innovation within our city as we work together towards sustainable economic growth. From expanding existing industries to developing new ones completely, by encouraging new ideas and embracing technological advances, we can strengthen our local businesses while also creating an attractive destination for outside investment. It’s essential that we take the initiative to innovate solutions that will help drive progress within our local economy. 

Focusing on solutions that level the playing field and work toward economic justice in cities when it comes to jobs, small business, healthy food access, public spending and space for economic use we can reimagine economic growth drivers that drive community development as well. 


As Mayor, I will address and do the following:


Strengthen the Neighborhood Revitalization Zones – I see these as critical to the success of community development in the city of Hartford. I believe that the NRZs have been kept on life support to be used as tools to hinder growth versus helping to stimulate growth. I will take them off of life support and use this well-established vehicle by empowering the NRZs with staff so that they can function much like city commissions.

Smart Small Business Growth  Build a business-friendly climate at City Hall that centers the needs and wants of those who live and raise families in Hartford. 

A Comprehensive Plan to Strengthen Skill Sets – Our residents should be at the top of the list when it comes to opportunities in Hartford as it relates to the construction trades. This can be done by working with the Minority Construction Council and other similar organizations. 

Build New "Do Business with the City" Initiative - procure goods and services from local companies, especially those that have historically been disadvantaged.

Invest in Outreach and Partnership - connect with leading companies inviting them to invest in Hartford, and to partner with our schools to invest in our workforce and create a stronger pool of talent for the future.

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