J. Stan McCauley Opts Out of Primary

J. Stan McCauley Pulls Out from Primary and Sets Course for November.

J. Stan McCauley, democrat mayoral candidate, announced today to his supporters and Hartford residents that he will opt out of participating in the September 12th primary and proceed directly to the November general election as a petitioning candidate.

His decision was made based on several issues encountered on the ground while collecting signatures as required to gain ballot access.


  • Encountering a high number of people reporting a surge in COVID infections.
  • Extreme heat temperatures and rain delays.
  • High number of constituents uninformed on the ballot access process.

After hearing from supporters to keep going, the team made the decision to pivot to the general election as the threshold to gain ballot access is more readily obtainable. “We asked ourselves if being the endorsed democrat was more important than fighting to work for Hartford residents. The answer became clear,” said McCauley. “We would much rather put our energy and resources toward the actual election on November 7 than contend within what some believe is a broken system.”

We got into this race because we’re tired of seeing residents disregarded, disadvantaged, and exploited. We’re tired of ineffective, bad decision making by our current elected officials. We’re tired of the slow progress and backwards direction the city is moving toward. WE CAN DO BETTER! And we will.

We’re not naïve to the political process and understand the importance of the primary but that only means we’ll have to work harder, smarter, and creatively to get out the vote in November.

As we redirect our attention to the general election we will continue to connect with voters and get our message across the city.