McCauley For Mayor Official Campaign Kick Off

April 9, 2023
Contact: Nyesha McCauley, [email protected], (860)813-3537

J. Stan McCauley Hits the Streets with Mobile Campaign Office Ahead of Mayoral Run

Kick-off Campaign & Unveil Mobile Campaign Office
When: Friday, April 14, 2023
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street


J. Stan McCauley Hits the Streets with Mobile Campaign Office Ahead of Mayoral Run

J. Stan McCauley is taking his message directly to the people with the launch of his mobile campaign office and official announcement of his mayoral run.

On Friday, April 14, McCauley will unveil this fully equipped minibus at 550 Main Street and hit the streets to meet residents where they are.

“This is an urgent moment for Hartford,” says McCauley. “I’ve run before, and I’ll keep running until I see the people of Hartford win. As the city’s unofficial biographer and documentarian, I have experienced the painful impact when people who are closest to the problems have the solutions and are not heard."

McCauley believes that by taking a hands-on approach with his mobile campaign office he can bridge this gap between those affected by policies and those making them. The mobile office will be equipped with resources that allow him to answer questions on policy issues, discuss proposals for change, provide updates on current initiatives, as well as register voters while out in the community. In addition to providing accessible information on policy issues and initiatives, McCauley is committed to creating an atmosphere that encourages dialogue between residents and their government leaders. He hopes that by bringing this mobile office into neighborhoods across Hartford he can create a platform for residents to voice their concerns while also receiving answers from someone who will listen and act upon them.

McCauley has long been a proponent of grassroots organizing within Hartford's communities. His years spent working alongside local organizations has provided him with an understanding of what it takes to make real change in a city often defined by its struggles. With this new venture he hopes to bring about a new era of civic engagement where all voices can be heard equally regardless of zip code or social standing.

The official announcement of J. Stan McCauley's mayoral run marks an important milestone in Hartford politics; one where residents will no longer feel unheard or ignored but rather empowered by their  involvement in local affairs through engaging conversations held right at their doorstep via his mobile campaign office.

What: Kick-off Campaign & Unveil Mobile Campaign Office
When: Friday, April 14, 2023
Time: 11:45 a.m.
Where: Hartford City Hall, 550 Main Street